An Overview of Motostar Global

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Motostar is an apparel, graphics and accessories brand that truly redesigns the sport of motocross. Established in 2008, Moto Star has grown to be a reputable brand within the motocross industry. Motostar founder Scott Walters has built the company from the ground up. With hard work and dedication from his team combined with his previous experience as a manager of MotoXXX: Motostar is a brand that wants to show the world that you can “truly live like a star.” The main goal for Motostar this year is to provide its services to motocross teams and riders while maintaining an integral role in the motocross community.

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This year, Motostar will be branching out again as we have with such teams as Gus Privateer Racing, Rock River Power Sports, Munn Racing, as well as countless pro riders such as Lance Vincent, Michael McDade, Ozzy Barbaree and Alex Nagy. Motostar provides our services to our sponsors and riders via product reimbursment, as well assistance to affiliated teams. We accomplish this by managing social media, product give aways - which produce popularity in social media. Furthermore, we can develop our riders and teams by writing press releases. Motostar is ultimately striving towards being a great sponsor for another year. We will help our teams & riders become stars by utilizing our knowledge, experience and dilligence

A little about our Marketing
& Public Relations

Motostar Media strives for fresh looks and constant updates, we accomplish this by sponsoring many top pro-riders. Our expert Media Team has distributed weekly press releases via Racer-X and other major news outlets with the latest updates on our riders. In addition, we create advertisements for new events, breaking news and other occurrences. We distribute these as updates and posts through our social media networks. Motostar strives to create the best social media networks possible. We accomplish this by interacting with our fans and giving out prizes which increase our audience. Furthermore, this provides added value to our riders by increasing their audience by a significant amount. Here are some statistics:


15000+ LIKES

98,000+ Average Weekly Reach

Daily Giveaways


5100 + Followers

Tweeting Daily

Heavy Fan Interaction


5300 + Followers

Pictures of Riders

Weekly Updates

A little about our Products, Partnerships
& Affiliations

Motostar’s goal is to provide a quality product to the public while also sponsoring numerous pro athletes. Motostar Global has accomplished this by having sponsored such top riders as Ben LaMay, Mike McDade, Lance Vincent, Austin Howell, Mike Horban, Alex Nagy, Ozzy Barbaree and many more! We do this because we do not want to exclude anyone – whether you are a weekend warrior, fan or pro we think you are a Motostar. Our sponsorship programs also include and offer open sponsorship to amateurs in accessible places on the web such as:, and We strive to help out the amateur community as much as we can, since that is where it all starts.

Our product lines are equally diverse and include apparel, graphics, accessories and custom rider prints. We accomplish this by expanding our product lines frequently to make you truly look like a star. Motostar offers a variety of products including a men’s apparel line, women’s apparel line, co-branded apparel lines and few other products. Motostar always has a variety of designs, sizes and colors for your needs! Motostar also offers graphics, which we currently make for five bike brands. Our graphics include Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and KTM. However, we didn’t stop there, you can even purchase Motostar iPhone covers. All of this fits into our promise that we will do what we can to make you look like a star.

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Rider Prints

Motostar Global provides our sponsored riders with their own custom clothing line. Our designers ensure a professional look for you to market to your friends, family and loyal fan's so that you earn money!

Motostar Clothing Line

Our stylish customized clothing line is constantly being updated by our designers. Whether you are looking for T-Shirts, Accessories or Gear, Motostar Global has you covered.


We strive to work with our design teams to provide you the best look through Motostar Global. Our Graphics can update the look of your bike, helmet, gear or even your transport vehicle.


Quality is the key in every aspect of Motostar Global, we strive to provide our customers the best quality accesories. We focus on quality so that you can focus on making yourself a Motostar.

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